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Hey there, mama! I’m Jane, and just like you, I’m figuring out this mom thing – one messy diaper and one amazing milestone at a time. I created Laugh, Love, Leo because I believe you can rock motherhood and be a financial superstar. Whether you’re looking for easy ways to save money, need tips to stretch your budget further, or just want to feel like you’re not alone in this, you’re in the right place.

Let’s be real – raising a family can be crazy expensive! But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things that matter most. I’m here to share all my best tricks for feeding your crew without going broke, finding awesome deals, and creating a budget that gives you peace of mind.

Think of The Laugh, Love, Leo as your friendly guide to savvy spending and finding joy in the everyday. Let’s conquer those money worries together so you can focus on making amazing memories with your little ones!